Dinosaur petroglyph found at Natural Bridges, Arizona, attributed to the Anasazi Indians who lived therebetween AD 400 and AD 1300.If it were not for the fact that the fossil record has been used to fool so many people for so long, the non-extinction of certain plants and animals would be rather amusing.

For over a century it was stated as fact by evolutionist that a fish, known as a coelecanth, had been extinct for about 60 million years. Then in the 1930’s it was noticed that these “extinct” fish were being caught in the Indian Ocean. A few years ago a tree, called the Wollemi pine, was found alive and well in Australia, described at the time as like finding a “live dinosaur”, it had supposedly been extinct for 150 million years. In both cases there was no difference between the living and fossil representatives of the species.

That the evolutionists were mistaken about the supposed extinction of these organisms is not what is significant about these incidents. What is important in this is the arrogant attitude of so many evolutionist with regard to the fossil record. Most evolutionists will state as fact that an organism is extinct based solely on its being absent from what they have chosen to interpret as the latest portion of the geologic record. In other words if they can’t find it, it must be extinct.

It is with this same kind of arrogant attitude that evolutionists loudly proclaim, also as fact, that dinosaurs have been extinct for 65 million years.  But when the evidence on dinosaurs is examined objectively, a very different picture emerges.

For over a hundred years, archaeologists have been finding hundreds of pictures of dinosaurs made by people who were alive within the last 2,000 years. Although these pictures are well known by the evolutionary establishment, they are deliberately ignored, because they do not fit in with the evolutionary story.

In 1977 a creature was caught by a Japanese fishing ship off the coast of New Zealand that gave every appearance of being a plesiosaur, a “swimming” dinosaur, allegedly extinct for some 70 million years. The creature was about 30 feet long, weighed approximately 4,000 pounds and had only recently died. After examining all the evidence, the Japanese declared it to be a plesiosaur and even printed a stamp to commemorate what they called “the discovery of the year”.

The American evolutionists’ response to this find was quite different.  Without even examining the evidence, they declared it to be either a shark or sea-lion, refusing to even consider the evidence that plesiosaurs might still be alive.

Within the last two years fossil hunters in Alaska have found frozen, unfossilized dinosaur bones with blood still in them.  Again this evidence for the recent existence of dinosaurs has been largely ignored by the evolutionists.

The Bible makes three things about dinosaurs very clear. Dinosaurs were created on the sixth day, they were created a few thousand years ago and they lived for a time after the Flood, the Bible tells of dinosaur-like creature alive at the time of Job (see Job, chapter 40’s description of the behemoth).

Are dinosaurs really extinct?  No one really knows.  All that is known is that there is no evidence that dinosaurs have been seen for about 1,000 years.