Butterflies -The Miracle Of Metamorphosis

butterfliesOne of the most amazing things in God’s Creation is the everyday miracle of the metamorphosis of insects. The word metamorphosis simply means great change and great change is indeed what happens as caterpillars change into butterflies.

The design and complexity of metamorphosis is best illustrated in the Monarch butterfly. The life cycle of a Monarch starts when the mother Monarch lays her egg on the milkweed plant. The almost microscopic egg matures in three days and an incredibly tiny caterpillar emerges, the larva stage of its development. The tiny caterpillar is now little more than an eating machine consuming more then its own weight in food every day. After three weeks the caterpillar grows to its full size and then searches for a place to attach itself to as it turns itself into a Monarch Butterfly chrysalis, the pupa stage in its development. It attaches itself to a solid surface and then covers itself with a liquid that comes right out of its body. In only two minutes it transforms from caterpillar to chrysalis and here is where the amazing change begins. For the first thing that the caterpillar does inside its chrysalis is to release chemicals stored in its body and dissolve itself into a liquidy mush. Note: Butterflies come out of chrysalises and moths come out of cocoons.

Out of this liquidy mush the body, head, wings and internal organs are formed. In only 8 days a full size Monarch butterfly emerges. The question that has intrigued humanity for centuries is this, how does the mush organize itself into the incredible complexity that is a butterfly? For the caterpillar mush is truly mush. There is no brain or apparent pattern in the mush, but obviously there is one for all Monarch caterpillars turn into Monarch butterflies. Entomologists have studied this mystery for years, but have no answers as to how it happens.

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is only part of the amazing story of the Monarch. Most Monarchs are born in the northern United States or Canada, but they can then migrate up to 3000 miles to spend the winter in Mexico. What is amazing about this migration is that butterflies never meet their parents, but they are able to fly to the same tree in Mexico their parents or grandparents wintered at the year before. There have even been documented cases where it has taken three generations of butterflies to complete the round trip. How they are able to find the same tree is another of the mysteries of the Monarch butterfly.

Monarch butterflies are one of the best examples of design in God’s Creation, for none of the stages of caterpillar/butterfly development occur by chance, the central principle of the religion of evolutionism. The facts show that God programmed every stage of the caterpillar/butterfly life cycle. If there were no other evidence of design in God’s Creation than caterpillars and butterflies, this alone would be enough to show the fact of His design in His Creation.

“And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, and fowl (the Hebrew word for fowl includes all flying creatures) that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.”

Genesis 1:20