by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION

“There is something feeble and a little contemptible
about a man who cannot face the perils of life
without the help of comfortable myths.”

Bertrand Russell,
Human Society in Ethics and Politics, 1952
Russell was an author and leading figure in the Humanist/Evolutionist establishment.

“Evolutionism is a fairy tale for grown ups. This
theory has helped nothing in the progress of
science. It is useless.”

Professor Louis Bounoure, Director of Research at
the French National Center of Scientific Research.
The Advocate, March 8, 1984

How feeble and contemptible evolutionists can be is vividly illustrated in the case of Rodney LeVake of Faribault, Minnesota. LeVake was a biology teacher at Faribault High School until 1998 when he committed the unforgivable sin of exposing his students to the scientific flaws in evolution and was removed from teaching biology. He never promoted either Creation or Christianity, but his failure to uncritically parrot the lies of evolution was enough. LeVake filed suit to regain his position, but the court ruled that school districts can require teachers to teach lies to their students. Evolutionists in the educational establishment and the courts will do anything to stop anyone from challenging their comfortable myths.