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Each quarter our newsletter contains thoroughly researched, well-documented articles on a variety of topics. This is the clearinghouse for those articles, as well as Creation Spotlight articles from years past. Any feedback may be sent to our contact form. All articles written by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION, unless otherwise noted.

Amazing Animals

After Their Kind

One of the most significant differences between Creation and evolution is whether or not animals are capable of changing from one kind of animal into an entirely different kind of animal. While it is obvious that animals are capable of great variation, the many breeds… Read More

Giraffes — an Engineering Marvel

One of the most awkward looking, but graceful moving creatures in the world is the giraffe. Standing up to 18 feet tall and looking much like an animal put together by a committee, its most prominent feature is its neck. What is most remarkable about the giraffe…Read More

Those Who Forget Their Past…

“Those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it” – George Santayana A recent story on Scientific Americans web site illustrates this idea oh so well. The headline was Fossil Illuminates Evolution of Limbs from Fins. The story tells of the…Read More

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Anthropology and Archaeology

Anatomy of a Hoax

by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION Hoaxes have been part of the human experience for a very long time. Hoaxes have been major part of the Creation/Evolution controversy since it started. A hoax by Ernst Haeckel of Germany in the 19th century was of faked… Read More

Maybe Not Gone After All!

Dinosaur petroglyph found at Natural Bridges, Utah, attributed to the Anasazi Indians who lived there between AD 400 and AD 1300. If it were not for the fact that the fossil record has been used to fool so many people for so long, the non-extinction of certain plants… Read More

No Leftovers Here!

For over one hundred years evolutionists have been telling people that there are useless organs, so called vestigial organs, in the human body. These so-called “vestigial organs” are supposed to be “left-overs” of our evolutionary past. These…Read More

Real X Men

by Sean Meek, Director of Project Creation In a movie that came out in 2000, the X Men, is the story of how some people are supposedly evolving into super beings. The fact is that real X men and women, mutants, do exist and you are one of them. For every person on…Read More

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Bible and History

God Hates Compromise

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Revelation 3: 15-16 Project CREATION receives mail from Christians who say that the Bible…Read More

The Heavens Declare God’s Glory

The following is an excerpt by Dr. Danny Faulkner from the book on the seventh day. This book is by 40 scientists and academics that explain why they believe in God. Dr. Faulkner earned a M.S. in physics from Clemson University and an M.A. and Ph.D. in astronomy from…Read More

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Education and Current Events

The Greatest Betrayal

This is an excerpt by Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo from a section of the book on the seventh day edited by john f. ashton Ph.D. I am doing this because I was so impressed with both the clarity and passion of what Dr. Mastropaolo wrote. Joseph Mastropaolo Ph.D. Emeritus… Read More

Comfortable Myth

by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION “There is something feeble and a little contemptible about a man who cannot face the perils of life without the help of comfortable myths.” Bertrand Russell, Human Society in Ethics and Politics, 1952 Russell was… Read More

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Charles Lyell & Niagra Falls: A Study In Deceit

The past is the key to the present. To understand the present, it is necessary to understand the past and a story about Niagara Falls is an excellent example of this fact. In the early 19th century Charles Lyell was writing a book called The Principles of Geology that… Read More

The Dating Game

Sketch rendering of Skull 1470 © 1999 Project CREATION A popular myth promoted in education and the media is that radioactive dating methods, so-called “absolute dating”, can be used to establish an ancient age for fossils and the earth. The facts are… Read More

The Gap That Will NEVER Be Linked

Amoeba (a one-celled organism) News stories periodically report some new fossil find that is loudly proclaimed as the discovery of another “missing link” in human evolution. Of course all that the evolutionists are really finding are some ape bones that… Read More

Nicolaus Steno, Father of Modern Geology (1638-1686)

by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION Nicolaus Steno was the first man to put the study of geology on a scientific basis by developing the fundamental principles of geology still used to interpret rock layers today. What most people don’t realize is that it… Read More

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Health and Sanctity of Life

Structural Integrity

The following is an excerpt by Dr. Oliver St. Clair Headley from the book On the Seventh Day. This book is by 40 scientists and academics that explain why they believe in God. Dr. Headley has a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from University College, London and is… Read More

The Adoption Enigma

by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION While it may not be immediately apparent, the reality of adoption, both by humans and animals, is an enigma for evolutionists. Creationists can simply accept that God put within both humans and animals the urge to parent,… Read More

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis

by Jeanette A. Strong   Every woman who has given birth in the last century owes a huge debt of gratitude to a doctor born in 1818 in Buda, Hungary and who died insane because the scientific world refused to accept his simple solution to a medical problem that… Read More

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Science and Technology

Let Their Words Speak For Themselves

One of the interesting things about truth is that no matter how much some people try to conceal it, it still makes itself known. Following are some quotes from evolutionists that show that as much as many evolutionists try to conceal the truth, it still comes out. … Read More

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The Earth – God’s Goldilocks Planet

We have all heard the story of Goldilocks and the three Bears. About how Goldilocks went into the Bears’ house and looked for things that were neither too hot or too cold nor too hard or too soft. When God created our Solar System He created it to be perfectly… Read More

ET’s Not Phoning Anywhere!

For over a hundred years, the idea that there could be life on other planets has intrigued the public. H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov and others wrote fantastic stories of life on the Moon, Mars and other planets. More recently, movies like ET, Starman and Contact have…Read More

Life from Space?

by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION The foundational belief in the religion of evolution is that matter can somehow change from non-living chemicals to living cells by itself. This belief has been presented to the public as an almost automatic process that…Read More

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