Throughout the Bible are nuggets of scientific fact given to the people of the ancient world, but these facts were about things that they could not have fully understood when they received them. These hidden nuggets of truth are one of the signs of the divine authorship of the Bible.

In the first chapter of Genesis God tells us that He created plants and animals “after their kind”. This is a very succinct statement of the fact of genetics stated thousands of years before the science of genetics was discovered by Creationist Gregor Mendel. This statement was in the Bible at a time when Greeks and other ancient peoples believed in spontaneous generation of life (Empedocles, 490-435 BC) and that animals could change from one kind to another (Heracletus of Ephesus, 540-475 BC). This hidden nugget of truth about the science of genetics shows an authorship beyond the human knowledge of its time.

In Genesis 22:17, God is speaking to Abraham and promises him that his descendants will be “as numerous as the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore”. Although Abraham couldn’t have seen them at the time, God was telling him that there were trillions of stars in the sky, even though Abraham could only have seen a few thousand stars with his naked eye. Only in the last century was the reality of this statement been fully understood as telescopes have been able to see the trillions of stars that exist in the Universe. Another hidden nugget of truth in the Bible.

In Job 26:7, Job is replying to his “comforters” by telling them of the greatness of God, in the process of which he states that the “earth hangs on nothing”. This was an idea not shared by Job’s pagan neighbors. The Greeks of that time believed that the earth was a solid base, the sky was a solid dome over it and that the Sun was a chariot that rode across the sky every day. The Hindus believed that the earth rested on the back of an elephant that stood on the back of a turtle that swam in the eternal sea. Pagans around the world believed similar fanciful nonsense.

The real question though is how did Job possess such a scientifically accurate understanding of the earth’s position. God could only have revealed this knowledge to him. Another hidden nugget of truth in the Bible.

In Psalm 8:8 the author tells how the fish swim in “the paths of the sea”. This phrase intrigued Creationist Matthew Maury, a US naval officer in the 19th century. He became interested in the concept presented in this verse and spent most of his career studying and mapping “the paths of sea”, what we now call ocean currents. On Matthew Maury’s grave at Annapolis, Maryland is the title he earned for his work, “Pathfinder of the Seas” and the verse Psalm 8:8. But the real question about this verse is how did the Israelites know about ocean currents? They were a pastoral, farming people who hired others to do whatever seafaring they needed done. It is another hidden nugget of truth that could only have been revealed to them by God.

These examples are just a few of the hidden nuggets of truth in the Bible that show its divine authorship and authority. God planted throughout His Bible these nuggets of truth for people to discover later as our knowledge of His Universe has increased and we can more fully comprehend His revelation to us.