Did dinosaurs live and die millions of years ago? A lot of books and movies say they did, but that doesn’t make it true. None of the people who say this about dinosaurs were there. They are just guessing about what happened. In fact there were eyewitnesses to dinosaurs living on earth only a few thousand of years ago. The Bible tells us about a dinosaur, the behemoth, in Job chapter 40, and dinosaur pictures have also been found around the world. Below are just a few of the many pictures of dinosaurs that people made only a few thousand years ago.

For over 150 years evolutionists have been telling people that dinosaurs died out millions of years ago. The facts are quite different. Following is proof that people and dinosaurs lived at the same time in the past, sometimes with unpleasant results.

Petroglyph of a dinosaur found at Natural Bridges National Monument inUtah. It is attributed to the Anasazi Indians who lived in the area from AD 400 to AD 1300. (Prehistoric Indians, Barnes and Pendleton, 1995, p. 201)

The pictures below are from Peruvian burial stones. Indians in Peru 2000 years ago prepared stones like these to be placed in tombs. The burial stones were of scenes from everyday life and included many pictures of dinosaurs, many of the pictures with people and dinosaurs together.


Pictured to the right is a rock carving from Bernifal Cave in France. It shows a head-to-head confrontation between a dinosaur and a mammoth. Although this carving cannot be dated, it is clearly from the post-Flood period. (Buried Alive, Jack Cuozzo, 1998, p.132)

The pictures on this page are just four of the hundreds of dinosaur pictures that have been found around the world. When added to the stories about dinosaurs (dragons) from cultures around the world. This all clearly shows that dinosaurs and people lived together until approximately 1500 years ago.