The following is an excerpt by Dr. Oliver St. Clair Headley from the book On the Seventh Day. This book is by 40 scientists and academics that explain why they believe in God. Dr. Headley has a Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry from University College, London and is currently the Director of the Center for Resource Management and Environmental Studies, Cave Hill, Barbados.

People have asked me how a senior scientist such as myself is a Bible-believing Christian. I hope this essay will give some insight as to why I believe.


I suggest that the teachings of the Bible constitute the structural integrity of the Christian faith, which has to move with the times in a world where cultures are changing and knowledge is increasing rapidly.


When you fly to New York, as the plane takes off, where are its foundations? All the people on the plane are praying – there are no atheists on an aircraft at takeoff – that it flies to New York safely and it remains intact for the whole journey. We in physics and engineering say that we want it to retain its structural integrity. This is the key to the survival of a moving entity. Loss of structural integrity is usually disastrous in moving systems, and the Christian faith is a moving system in this fast-paced world.


Some Christians are trying to keep the Christian faith popular in the modern world and are willing to remove the Bible’s more unpopular doctrines. By doing this they are compromising the structural integrity of the Christian faith. In fact, I believe they are doing what John the revelator forbids in Revelation 22:18-19. They have forgotten that the Bible’s doctrines form a self-consistent set and that John said that God would subtract from the Book of Life the name of anyone who subtracted anything from the set.


Some Christians want to be like the world, so people are saying, for example, that committing fornication or adultery is not so bad if the couple love each other. Even if some people argue that the original seventh command-ment is in the Old Testament and may be a bit old-fashioned, Revelation, the last book of the Bible, is totally against all forms of sexual misconduct. In its 22 chapters, it condemns sexual impro-priety about 20 times.


I believe these sins, sexual impurity and love of money, are two of the devil’s best traps. They are as bad for serious Christians as mercury is for aircraft. Mercury and its compounds are completely banned from planes. This is because it removes the protective oxide film on aluminum alloys and exposes the metal to attack by atmospheric oxygen. After less than a week, it turns into a pile of white powder – total loss of structural integrity.


On the other hand, faith seems to be the principle that unifies the moral and physical laws of God. The faithful righteous are in harmony with all of God’s laws, and He permits them to do things with His physical laws that an unrepentant sinner cannot aspire to.


As I look at the famines, the wars and fighting, the environmental degradation, and the deterioration of moral values in Western civilization, I suspect that the Lord is about to shut down this experiment of having humans looking after this beautiful planet. The signs that Jesus gave in Matthew chapter 24 are there: the same conditions that prevailed before Noah’s flood. I believe we have to make sure we are ready to meet our Creator in the judgment, and that is why I choose to be a Bible-believing Christian.