by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION

For a ministry whose whole purpose for existing is to show how the facts from God’s Creation support the words in His Book, what could possibly be the danger in telling Bible stories? The danger is not in the stories themselves. Bible stories are an excellent source of knowledge and inspiration. The danger in telling Bible stories is that too often that is where many people’s Biblically based education ends. Just as the phrase that many churches have in their doctrinal statements, the Bible is to be our guide in all matters of faith and practice, is, by itself, insufficient, so too Bible stories by themselves are insufficient. If you believe that the Bible is truly God’s word, then it must be our guide in all matters that it touches upon. That means it must be our guide in our understanding of biology, geology, astronomy, economics, government and every other area that the Bible touches on.

In a world in which evolutionism is the dominant religion it has become all too common for even Christians to separate what is seen as “spiritual” issues from that which is seen as the “practical” side of life. The Bible was given to us by God to be our guide in all areas of life. If the Bible were treated as the divinely inspired book that it is, things in life would go so much better then they often do. Medicine is one branch of science where this principle can be clearly seen.

In 1799 George Washington was killed by his doctors because they followed Greek ideas rather than paying attention to God’s truth in the Bible. In December of 1799 Washington developed a throat infection. Washington’s doctors accepted the Greek idea that people got sick because they had “bad blood” so they proceeded to bleed him until they finally bled him to death. If they had instead followed Biblical standards they would have known that the “life of the flesh is in the blood” Leviticus 17:14. If they had just left him alone he might have gotten better. A more recent example of how following pagan ideas has led people astray is in what evolutionists have labeled “vestigial organs”, body parts that are supposedly left over from our evolutionary past. One hundred years ago 180 organs, such the adrenal gland, the parathyroid, tonsils and the appendix, were labeled as useless by evolutionists. Even as late as 1971 the Encyclopedia Britannica kept up this farce by labeling dozens of organs as useless. But today no reputable medical book continues to label any organ as useless, but it took one hundred years for this change to happen. For over a century useful organs were being removed from people and people were dying in unnecessary operations because the evolutionary medical establishment refused to acknowledge what the Bible told us thousands of years ago, that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 139:14. The whole vestigial organ fiasco forcefully highlights the reality that when evolutionists label something in God’s Creation as useless, what they are really saying is that they don’t know its purpose. Again and again we see that with patience and further investigation the truth will be found out and that truth will always end up supporting the Bible.

Medical research, as well as other branches of science, have been held back for decades because the evolutionary establishment has forced the big lie of evolution onto science. But whether in medicine, biology, economics or any other area that the Bible speaks on, the Bible gives us God’s truth and it is only the willful ignorance of some people, Romans 1:22, that causes them to ignore it.

One of the failures of the modern church has been in its not telling the whole truth that is in God’s Bible. It has been this failure that has been a major reason for its loss of influence in the battle for the hearts and minds of the people of the Church, as well as the people of the world. One of the saddest stories I have ever read is one told by Ronald Numbers. Ronald Numbers was raised by Christian parents and went thru Christian schools from Kindergarten thru University. All his life he had heard about Creation in numerous Bible stories, but in over twenty years he had never been taught about the scientific evidence in support of Creation. The first time he was challenged by a knowledgeable and eloquent evolutionist his belief system crumbled and he abandoned all belief in the Bible. This is an all too common experience for many young people who have heard Bible stories all their lives, but have never heard the historical and scientific evidence that supports the truthfulness and authority of the Bible. The Bible is a book of reality in all areas that it touches upon, parents and churches that fail to fully educate those that they have responsibility for are failing in the duty that God has given to them.