The Greatest Betrayal

This is an excerpt by Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo from a section of the book on the seventh day edited by John F. Ashton Ph.D. I am doing this because I was so impressed with both the clarity and passion of what Dr. Mastropaolo wrote.

Joseph Mastropaolo Ph.D. Emeritus Professor of Biomechanics, California State University, Long Beach.


the greatest betrayal, public education booksI believe that the statement “life arose in the ancient seas” is as probable as blue fairies like the one that animated Pinocchio. In my opinion, witch doctors are more scientific than the evolutionists who write the biology textbooks, and it may even be that witch doctors do humanity less harm overall.


From my earliest memory, my public school biology education must be the greatest betrayal of my life. I feel ever so strongly that every lie and betrayal of my life, or anyone known to me, cannot begin to compare with the lies, betrayals, and ruined lives caused by the teachings of my public school biology teachers.


From elementary school through to graduation from college, we were told about the missing link. It was the ape-man peering at us from the biology book. It was what convinced my friends to become atheists and convinced me to become an agnostic. The most famous ape-man was the “Piltdown Man,” Eoanthropus dawsoni, the dawn man discovered by Dawson. Five books were written on this crude forgery constructed by fitting the jaw of an orangutan to the skull of a man.


The orangutan’s teeth were abraded artificially to resemble human flat wear, and chemical analysis revealed the skull and jaw had been stained the same brown color using chromium and acid iron sulfate, with neither chromium nor sulfate occurring in the locality of the dig. It was so transparent a fraud that it had to be guarded for 40 years in the British Natural History Museum. For 40 years, the world was led to believe that the missing link between apes and man had been found.


Another ape-man, the “Nebraska Man,” Hesperopithecus harold cookii, this time associated with the American Museum of Natural History, was concocted from a single tooth from a wild pig. The ape-men were frauds, but they converted hundreds of my classmates to amoral atheism as if they were true. We blindly believed our teachers textbooks and had our lives ruined with great efficiency nonetheless.


Still in the high school and university biology textbooks, another mainstay of evolution is the “biogenetic law”, by confessed forger Ernst Haeckel. His forged embryo data made it appear that human embryological development repeated evolutionary history. This has been known for more than 130 years. It rivals the ape-men at ruining lives, and biology textbook writers are so morally incompetent they refuse to expunge Haeckel even when they see his work documented in the journal Science as “one of the most famous fakes in biology.”


The answer can’t be found in any textbook. It is in the completely different kind of book that can’t tell lies, the book I was tricked from studying a long time ago. He is the truth and the way. He saves lives compassionately and abundantly. He now has my allegiance every minute of every day. He is the origin and the meaning of life.

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