There is an old saying that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. As is often the case with old sayings, it isn’t necessarily so. The Intelligent Design Movement is one such case. Scientists and academics, based on the evidence from their researches, realized that the standard Darwinian evolutionary story of random changes bringing about life and the enormous variety in the living world just doesn’t make any sense and so they started the ID Movement. People like Philip Johnson, a lawyer, showed how evolution fails the logic test and is not true science, it’s just story telling. Michael Behe, a biochemist, showed how the specified complexity of a cell couldn’t be explained as an accidental combination of chemicals.

For the evolutionist establishment, the ID Movement is a nightmare that just doesn’t end. Because most of its leading players are not Creationists, and many not even Christians, evolutionists can’t trot out the charge of religion as a reason to ignore them. Even worse for evolutionists is that the whole movement is getting serious attention in the media. The evolutionists’ most common responses are to ignore their findings or to indulge in personal attacks on them. What the evolutionists can’t do is to scientifically disprove the evidence of intelligent design.

While the ID Movement is great at showing the scientific fallacies of evolution, it can also be a problem for Creationists because the ID Movement promotes disbelieve in the accuracy and authority of the Bible. If the main point in the Creation/evolution controversy were to show how the world we live in can only be explained as the result of intelligent design, then there would be no problem, but it isn’t. The question isn’t about scientific facts, but rather about what the Bible really is. Is the Bible the true, accurate and authoritative Word of God or is it simply a collection of invented myths? Without a clear understanding that the ID Movement is not supporting Biblical Creation, some Christian may be seduced into accepting compromises with the Bible. As is always the case, what needs to be determined is this, what are the people involved primarily interested in promoting? With the ID Movement, support for the Bible is not part of their agenda.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

2Timothy 3:16