by Sean Meek, Director of Project CREATION

William Jennings Bryan at the Monkey Trial
Photo courtesy of Bryan College

A little over 75 years ago in Dayton, Tennessee there occurred what was truly the trial of the 20th century. For this trial, popularly known as the Monkey Trial, changed America as much as any other single event in its history. Before the trial the Bible, and God’s moral code contained in it, were acknowledged as authoritative, even if not always adhered to, by the vast majority of Americans. After the trial the public adherence to the Bible and the moral code in it began a downhill slide until today it has virtually no effect on public policy. One of the things that made this trial such a watershed in American life was, ironically, the Bible’s chief defender at the trial, Williams Jennings Bryan. Bryan presented himself, and was seen by most people, as an expert on the Bible and a man who truly believed it to be the Word of God.

Unfortunately Bryan gave the enemies of God the opening they had sought to publicly discredit the authority of the Bible, because Bryan did something that many Christians do today, he showed that he almost believed the Bible. In his testimony he was asked about the days of Creation and said what many people say today as they seek a compromise with the world, that he believed the Earth to be millions of years old. Like many today, he claimed that it doesn’t matter how long it took for God to create, all that matters is that God did it. But Bryan was wrong, as are those who say the same thing today. The central question is not about the age of the Earth or even about Creation. The central question has always been, is the Bible really God’s Word? If it is, then no person has the right to change any part of what God has given to us. That was the mistake Bryan made, he attempted to harmonize the Bible with evolution, the same mistake made by compromisers today. With Bryan’s compromise on Biblical authority on the public record, the enemies of God had the opening they had sought in their attack on the Bible, with the results that we see in America today.

For the next 35 years Christians were almost universally silent on the Creation issue, leaving the public discussion of origins almost exclusive up to the humanist/evolutionist establishment with the resulting moral and political decline we see today. This situation began to change in 1961 when Henry Morris and John Whitcombe published the book The Genesis Flood, a scientific and Biblical defense of the Bible’s account of the Genesis Flood. The book triggered a revival in interest in a six day, recent Creation. The critical thing that Morris and Whitcombe did in their book was to show that they didn’t almost believe the Bible, they believed it all and showed us how the Bible and science really do tell us the same story about Earth’s past, they just tell it in different ways. At first the book was ignored by almost everyone, but gradually it began to have an effect, first on Christians who began to see how true science supported the Bible and then later with evolutionists as they saw the threat it posed to the monopoly that their religion of evolutionism had achieved in America’s public life. All of which brings us to today when we find that . . . .

Sometimes your enemies can be your best friends.

In the March, 2002 issue of Scientific American on page 30 is a report titled Down with Evolution! Creationists are changing state educational standards. Too often lost amid the high profile evolutionist’s victories in corrupting the educational system they use in promoting their religion of evolutionism is the fact that Creationists have quietly and effectively been countering the evolutionist propaganda so rampant in state education standards. This evolutionist report states that 18 states have what are labeled unsatisfactory, useless or absent treatment of evolution while only 9 states have what are labeled very good or excellent treatment of evolution, with the other 23 states somewhere in the middle. Considering that the humanist/evolutionist establishment has a stranglehold on the media, public education and the courts this report is truly a testament to both the truth of Creation and persistence of Creationists and others who seek to promote the teaching of true science, not indoctrination in the religion of evolutionism, in the public schools.

In the last letter I wrote that Creation was winning, it is most gratifying when others, especially your enemies, validate what was written. But even though we have made significant inroads into some evolutionist strongholds, they still have a tremendous advantage and the only way to keep on winning is to keep up the fight for truth, which brings me to the letter I recently received . . . .

It’s nice to be appreciated by your friends

My name is Stephanie and I just want to tell you thank you. I’m a sophomore taking a class called Human Physiology, but it ought to be called the evolution class, because all it teaches is the “facts” of evolution. Being a Christian I was really struggling with this because my teacher was telling me all these things that go against my faith, all the while telling me that they aren’t supposed to change my views about religion. The problem was that I didn’t know what to believe, because all these “facts” that this educated person was telling me pointed to evolution and it was starting to put doubts in my head, which was really stressing me out. Well thanks to Project Creation’s web site, I feel so much better. It gave actual facts to show the things I previously was learning to be false. I was so relieved because I now know that my faith isn’t just a story, it actually happened. Thank you so much for helping me with my faith and giving me an all new viewpoint to look at my class with.
Stephanie R.

Stephanie’s thank you letter is really to all of the many supporters who have made Project CREATION a success in proclaiming the whole truth of God’s Word. Your continued support will make possible even greater successes for this ministry in the future.