Used by permission, Alpha Omega Institute

Mt. Rushmore

In order for man to make things such as watches, cars, cameras, or computers he must use intelligence. Would anyone believe that the carved presidents’ heads on Mt. Rushmore happened by chance and accident? Did those faces appear on the mountain by wind, or rain plucking off one sand grain at a time over millions of years? No way! When we look at Mt. Rushmore we know that someone was using intelligence to design and carve those presidents’ heads into solid rock. They were using their brain. Yet a lot of people would believe that our incredibly complex brain was not designed by an intelligent God but happened instead all by chance and accident (evolution).

Many magazines (National Geographic, Scientific American, Time, to name a few) have articles which admit that the human brain is the most complex (not simple) structure in the known universe. How did the brain get so complex? They believe that the brain is the result of millions of years of evolution. Evolution believes that the complicated design of the brain happened without a designer; that it all happened by chance and accident, not by God.

Let’s look at the amazing, wonderful design of the brain. Could it have happened by chance and accident?

The human brain is a wonderful computer system (more complicated than any computer ever built by man), which acts as the control center for the body. Your brain is continually receiving, computing and sending billions of pieces of ‘information throughout your body. That information controls every movement and activity that you do. In your body, nerves act as wires that carry information to and from your brain by what is called the central nervous system. Computers also use wires and electronic parts to carry and store Information, yet in just one human brain there is probably more wiring or electrical circuitry than in all the computers of the world put together.

The average brain is a soft, wrinkled, folded, jelly-like mass weighing about 2 to 3 pounds. It is protected by a special container of bone called the skull. The brain is made up of 30 billion brain cells called neurons, held together by ten times as many (300 billion) brain cells called glial. You have more brain cells in your brain alone, than the number of all the people on earth! Neurons connect to other neurons (some as many as 60,000 times). This allows electrical signals to travel through the brain very fast. Brain cells (unlike other cells) are never replaced. The brain does not get tired like muscles do.

Although many parts of the brain have certain functions, it can be broken down into three major sections which include all these parts. The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and is responsible for our unique intelligence and intellectual skills. The cerebrum receives and understands all the messages of your senses. Here is where our memory is stored, where we think, make decisions, and give commands to the rest of the body. The cerebellum directs voluntary actions.

When you turn your head or lift your arm, it is the work of the cerebellum cells that coordinates the commands of the cerebrum, allowing you to do that. The medulla oblongata is found at the lower part of the brain (near the top of brain stem). It controls your involuntary actions (breathing, heart, etc.). This part of your brain is handling millions of messages and instructions all the time even though you are not aware of it.

Some scientist believe that everything we experience in life is saved (possibly in more than one place) somewhere in the brain. Now and then it might become harder to think and to remember because of injury or sickness, but no matter how old you get, you can continue to learn. As you use your mind, the more you learn, the easier it is to think and learn. Mental powers grow with use. Yet scientists tell us we do not use all of the brain power that we have–that we only use 10% of our brain in our lifetime. If evolution was true, we should be using all of our brain! Why else would it have grown to the size it is today if only  10% is being used? Our Bible tells us that when Adam was created, God saw that is was good. Adam was able to give names to all the animals and he could talk, so he had a language. I believe that Adam was created perfect, so he used 100% of his brain. But because of sin, harmful mutations entered the world, and our brains have degenerated over time.

Even though we know much about the brain today, it is still a big mystery. We still do not really know how it can do what it does. It is simply unbelievable that the complex design of the brain could have evolved. Only an intelligent designer could have created the amazing brain. And that designer is God!