The human body is a wondrously designed system, because God doesn’t make junk. But if you were to listen to the evolutionists, the human body is a veritable museum of antiquities, a hodge podge of useless, leftover parts. In fact 100 years ago evolutionists labeled 180 organs of the human body as leftovers, vestiges, of our evolutionary past. The organ most often labeled as a useless leftover is the appendix. The reality is that when an evolutionist labels an organ that God made as useless, all that it really means is that the evolutionist is ignorant of the function of that organ. Of the 180 organs formerly labeled as useless, all have now been shown to be not only useful, but in most cases critical to our life.

picture of body for appendix articleEvolutionists have long disdained the appendix and have used it to trick others into believing their lies about “useless” organs, but research has shown that the appendix is actually an important part of the immune system, particularly important in the very young. But if the appendix is useful, how can it be removed with no apparent harm to the person? The answer to that is two-fold, first the human body has built-in back up systems, many of our organs, such as the appendix, one kidney, the gall bladder or spleen, can be removed and other organs will take over their functions. Second, appendixes are almost always taken out of adults, after the function of the appendix has diminished.

While some evolutionist publications like the Encyclopedia Britannica continue spreading the lie of “useless” organs, “The appendix does not serve any useful purpose as a digestive organ in humans, and it is believed to be gradually disappearing in the human species over evolutionary time.” 1:491, 1997. Books by those who actually study the human body have discovered the reality that “The mucosa and submucosa of the appendix are dominated by lymphoid nodules, and its primary function is as an organ of the lymphatic (immune) system. Frederic H. Martini, Ph.D., Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, p 916, Prentice Hall,1995.

Because of the medical establishment’s blind faith acceptance of evolutionism and its story of “useless” organs, many organs of the body were not properly researched for over a century, holding back true medical research. This is another example of how blind faith in the religion evolutionism has impeded true science. If doctors had adopted a Biblically based worldview in their study of the human body, they would have started out by searching to find out what the appendix did, rather than by assuming that it did nothing.

The evolutionist establishment has trumpeted these so-called “leftover” organs as “proof” of our animal ancestry, deceiving many into compromising or abandoning the truth of God’s Word. The appendix has an important lesson to teach us not just about the body, but also about other areas of life, when in doubt about something in God’s Word or His Creation, search harder and the truth will come out.

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”Psalm 139:14